Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tim's Air Navigation Simulator

Just like MS Flight Simulator, there is another useful tool you can use if you don't have the setup to run MSFS. This one is just a bare bones, basic navigation simulator that you can use on your computer, and a few keys on the keyboard.

It is called Tim's Air Navigation Simulator, and you can access it here: I've used this many times while working on my instrument rating and CFII. It has really come in handy. You basically fly the plane with the arrow keys on your keyboard, and you have two instruments that you can set to be a DG, HSI, RMI, CDI, or ADF. You can practice VOR and NDB procedures for basic instrument work. I really like to use it when practicing holds. You can even set a wind out of any direction and velocity. This is excellent to use for holds, and getting the hang of NDB navigation. I'm telling you, try this thing out. It is very useful. So long.

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