Monday, November 10, 2008

Required Inspections for IFR Flight

Do you have an easy way to remember the required tests and inspecions for IFR flight? Any time we are required to use rote memory to remember academic material, acronyms are a useful tool.

I just came up with one while looking through the Instrument Oral Exam Guide from ASA for the required tests and inspections before we can legally fly IFR. Here you go. A1ATPVE. Kind of has a ring to it. Here's what it stands for.

A-Annual inspection every 12 calendar months.
1-100 Hr inspection every 100 hrs if flown for hire.
A-Altimeter inspection every 24 calendar months.
T-Transponder inspection every 24 calendar months.
P-Pitot/static system inspection every 24 calendar months.
V-VOR accuracy test every 30 days.
E-ELT battery every 12 calendar months.

There you go. Just remember A1 Sauce, Airline Transport Pilot, and I don't know anything for the VE. Let me know if it works out for you.


Gary said...

This what I was taught


A- annual inspection
V- Vor every 30 days
1 - 100 inspection
A- altimeter, altitude reporting/static system (24mts)
T- Transponder (24 mts)
E- ELt (12 Mts)

Brandon said...

Hey Gary,

Never heard that one. That may be a better one than what I came up with.